7 Reasons to train with a personal trainer

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May 11, 2017
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May 11, 2017
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7 Reasons to train with a personal trainer

Why you should train with a personal trainer…(even if its only for three sessions)

 1) You will make a new friend

It is inevitable that you will become friends with your (really cool) fitness trainer, even more so when you spend two to three times a week in each other’s company. You bond, you share, you complain, you have a minor motivation talk every time and you release dopamine! Those feel good hormones will cause you to become very fond of your trainer.
Friendship and workout in one!

2) You will learn to break your own boundaries

As trainers, it is our job to push you to the end of your abilities. It is my mission, as your personal fitness trainer, to make sure you do that exact thing that you believe you are not capable of doing. Nothing beats the realisation that you just did 10 full plank-push-ups, after many complaints and negotiations trying to convince your trainer you will die in attempt of doing them.

3) You will become really good at negotiating

Let’s face it, you have 45minutes booked with this ruthless person who calls herself a fitness trainer. If you don’t learn to negotiate your way out of a weighted burpee, you might just throw up your lunch.

4) You will relax

If you have a trainer who looks at the holistic picture, you will find yourself booked for training sessions in nature parks, under the stars and near the sound of water. Being healthy has a lot more to do with stress release than fitness. I believe if you train in happy environments you will enjoy every second of the so called “suffering”.

5) You will learn to plan

Once you get addicted to the session you once dreaded, you will become a little agitated with that unexpected meeting scheduled by your secretary. You will become a master planner and communicator.

6) You will have great posture

The job of your personal trainer is to constantly correct your form and to ensure you look “professional” while you do your lunges (you don’t wanna look like you are doing the duck walk, do you?). This will also benefit you a great deal when you hit the gym without your trainer, you will obviously not look like an amateur anymore.

7) You will be the center of attention for 45 minutes. How cool is that!?

Your trainer cares about you and only you for the entire session. You will be treated like royalty (in a concentration camp). How does it sound to not have to bend down to pick up your weights? To have your water bottle filled up and handed to you every time you feel like dying.?

Ok! There you have your seven really legit reasons to go do your burpees now!


All my love

Your Trainer




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