About Me

My passion for fashion and fitness led me to qualify as an Image Consultant and Personal Fitness Trainer.

My passion is to help you to understand yourself, your body and your style better so that you can become your most confident self..

Together we take care of your body and fitness through personal fitness training. I help you to create a fashion style that makes you feel comfortable and confident. And we take care of your heart and soul during one-on-one confidence sessions where you learn to implement practical techniques to help you become your most confident self.

How I can Help You


I do a complete personality, style, colour and wardrobe analysis with a make-up lesson. We shop (on your budget) and create a brand new wardrobe by matching your new outfits with your old time favorites.


My personal fitness sessions is exactly that - personal and individually planned for your individual goals and lifestyle. I travel to you and we train inside your own comfortable space. A good training programme goes far deeper than simply putting you through a workout and leaving you gasping for air. I am committed to help you become fitter and feeling more confident and alive. The duration of a training session is 45 minutes and may include a variation of cardio, dynamic stretching, high intensity interval training, pre and post pregnancy and kids fitness. Exercises vary from session to session and we work on various muscle groups during each training session. My passion is make exercise fun and enjoyable for you.


No matter how much you fake it and no matter how well you manage to convince the world around you that you are confident, if you don't feel it you will never truly love yourself. You need to face your confidence issues on a soulful and physical level. If you don't ,you will never become the fulfilled woman that you are meant to be and you'll never live the life you so often dream about. I strongly believe that confidence is something that can be developed, learned and practiced on a daily basis.

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I have worked with more that 200 women in the health and wellness industry, you're safe with me!

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I love what I do and I do what I love!