In the mind of a dreamer, believer & entrepreneur.

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May 11, 2017
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In the mind of a dreamer, believer & entrepreneur.

Yes. I do believe people can change.

Every human being has the ability, not just some. I believe husbands and boyfriends can become romantics. I believe wives and girlfriends can forgive and stop dwelling on the past. I believe people can change their behaviour and heal from their hurts. I believe it is possible for hearts to soften and minds to renew. I believe in the power of surprise that comes from change.

Yes. I believe wild dreams can become wild realities.

I believe every human being can find the power within to break down their own walls and develop new thinking patterns in order to let their dreams come true. Yes, I know, you need a certain(ly huge) amount of luck and years of hard work to let the wild dreams become reality. But, the point is, I do believe it can happen and I refuse to give up on that belief.

Yes. I believe in love.

I believe you can laugh and chat and dance and at some unexpected moment you realise “I would love for this one, to be my forever”. I believe it is possible to wait for that special one you haven’t met yet. I believe it is possible to reignite a love fire that you see as dead and dark. I believe in waiting, even though I have no guarantee that I will get what I wish for. And you should either fight or wait for that. Whichever one is needed.

Yes. I believe in monogamy.

I believe it is possible to love and be in love with one person for the rest of your life. Yes, I understand it will be difficult and boring at some point. I hear you and I believe you. But I’ll give it a try. I’ll let the boredom come, because at some point the boredom will go again. It will be replaced with deeper love, more adventures and extravagant experiences that you won’t want to leave or lose in any way. I believe in it. And I will either fight or wait for it. Whichever one is needed.

Yes, you’re right. I’m a stubborn woman.

But not stubborn enough. I will keep on wishing. I will keep on dreaming. I will keep on working. I will keep on keeping on. I WILL keep on taking risks and chances. I WILL. I can. I’m going to. I won’t listen to anyone trying to convince me to quit or change. I am a dreamer and my light will not be dimmed by fear.

Yes, you need to have a serious look at your wardrobe. You need a striking red dress and a bright coloured lipstick. Go get it.


All my love

Your head-in-the-clouds-friend-dreamer-believer


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