Online Lifestyle Training Program

Start Your Fire

is an online lifestyle training program for women, based on 3 key components: Style, Confidence, Fitness This program is for you if you’ve been neglecting your wardrobe, your body and your dreams. If you want to recover from living a life where you merely exist, dress mindlessly and live in a body that you don't know - to embracing a life that is filled with movement, intentional choices and style.

These 4 programs

  • Will guide you into a new phase of life where you prioritize style, confidence and fitness
  • You will get a firm grip on your wardrobe
  • Your emotional and body confidence will improve; and you will become the fittest version of yourself

Every week you will receive

  • A weekly confidence intention
  • A printable lifestyle and day planner
  • A weekly training program; and a personal style development and planning guide

Start Your Fire is an ideal on-line lifestyle training program for women who want to embrace life with a high level of style, confidence and fitness.


On-line training is a much cheaper option in comparison with one-to-one fitness and image coaching sessions, and you can stick to your program from anywhere in the world! The 4-week START YOUR FIRE On-line Lifestyle Training Program has 4 payment options:

One Month

R400 Once Off

Quick n Hard


Two Months

R800 Once Off

Let's do This


Six Months

R2400 Once Off

Best Results

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