You are a woman.

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May 11, 2017
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May 11, 2017
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You are a woman.

You are a woman.    You have potential.   You are a mover of mountains.

It’s the truth, so you might as well believe it. You can be more than just “ordinary”. You are where you are for a very specific reason and goal. If you do what your gut whispers in your ear, if you just believe you can, you will turn out being the special one that moves the mountain.

You were made up of a special formula, with one very specific ingredient called FEMININITY. You have it, it’s in your blood, it will always be there. It can never be lost. But sometimes, as the hurts of life hit you with it’s fists, you – almost secretly – forget about your special ingredient. And you get so used to living a life without confidence and femininity.


You were made for gracious movements, flickering lashes, long see-through dresses and soft flowy scarves. Turn on the starlight in your eyes and open the gate to your spring garden-heart.
Pick the flowers and hand it out to those around you.

You’ve got this.

Go on, you can move your mountain.

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